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Find the owner of a residential or cell phone number using a reverse phone lookup directory. This section explores how individuals can use reverse phone lookup directories to get the information you are looking for. Many people use a reverse phone lookup to find the identities of prank callers and unidentified callers or text messages from strangers.

Reverse Phone Number Software: Be Your Own Private Investigator

In times past, private investigators and law enforcement were the only ones with the technological capability to trace calls, those times are truly past, now anyone has the capability to trace numbers though the internet. Most current day phones can give the phone number of the calling party unless that number is blocked. From there, you have but to look it up on a free or paid site, depending on whether the phone is a land line or a cell. The most common reasons for tracing a phone number are suspicion of a cheating spouse, crank calls, and calls to children. Every one of these types of calls has reason to be traced because all of them affe ...Continue Reading

Frustrated With Those Phony Sites?

Many sites lure you in with the promise of free services, but when you get there, you find out that the service isn’t exactly free. For example, you need to give them your credit card information and cancel within thirty days in order to maintain the free aspect. Many phone number look up services are the same way but there are some that genuinely are free services. A phone number look up is very basically, being able to enter the phone number and find out who it is registered to and at what address. This works well with land lines but not so well with cell numbers because the free directories do not contain cell number information. If all ...Continue Reading

Suspect He’s Cheating? Try A Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Ryan Seacrest has a program on his radio show called “Ryan’s Roses.” During this part of the show someone calls in who suspects their partner to be cheating on them. They proceed to call the suspected cheater and offer him free roses. He is then asked whom the flower company should deliver the roses to. If he is a cheater, he most likely sends the roses to another woman. When this happens, Ryan identifies himself and the cheater is instantly caught in his lie. It’s not only great entertainment, but it is also a great way to identify a suspected cheater. However, if you suspect your partner is cheating, it may be difficult to ge ...Continue Reading

Why Use A Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Are you hoping that the guy you gave your number to last weekend will call you? Or maybe you are anxiously waiting to hear back from a company that you recently emailed your resume to. You would hope that when these people do contact you that you are available. And, if you for some reason do not pick up the phone, it would be even better if they would leave you a message. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not leave messages these days. When you get a random missed call you could press redial on your phone and ask the person if they called you. However, those conversations are usually awkward. Here’s an idea. Try using a reverse phone ...Continue Reading

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