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If you have a mysterious caller or the number of a person you don’t recognize – you may need to perform a reverse phone search. Reverse phone number searches are very popular and often used by law enforcement and private detectives to find out vital information about a caller. This section has articles on how to perform a reverse phone number search quickly and inexpensively.

Search People By Phone Number

Want to learn how to search people by phone number? This article will show you how to use a phone number to find an individual’s name and address among other details. Discover how to make the most of reverse phone number services without getting scammed by online services and expensive private investigators. The process of tracing someone by phone number is called a reverse phone number lookup. Reverse phone number lookups are performed by a wide variety of people including private investigators and Governmental agencies. Thousands of people every day search people by phone number. Their reasons may vary such as locating a missing person o ...Continue Reading

Know The Facts Before You Search

Free cell phone number searches usually leave the searcher frustrated and with their need for an identity attached to a phone number still unmet. The reasons for this are simple, it all comes down to money. Cell phone numbers are considered to be private information, and as such the databases containing then are not available to the public. However, access to those databases can be had for a price, and companies have sprung up whose sole purpose is to buy access into those databases and then re-sell the information. This is perfectly legal, and offers a tried and true way to track down an unidentified cell phone user by their number. The catc ...Continue Reading

It Is Ethical? Reverse Phone Number Lookup Software And Privacy Considerations

There are several online information services providing reverse phone number lookup. One example is Google Phonebook. This service allows you to look up someone based on their phone number, and the results page gives the address of the person along with links to yahoo maps and Mapquest with directions to the person’s home. Google does provide a way to remove oneself from the Google phonebook. They also mention that removal from the Google phonebook does not remove one’s personal information from the many reverse phone number lookup resources online. Some are not bothered by this feature. Many would argue that their information is availabl ...Continue Reading

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