There are many situations in which you might want to find a person by phone number. These might include abusive situations where you’re being subjected to unnecessary crank calls from a specific number during the day and night. It might be a person you met in passing and would like to see more of but want to run a background check first to make sure there’s nothing fishy involved. It might be a person you know already but want to get details about for a variety of reasons.

Whatever the reason behind it, there are definitely ways available today to find a person by phone number.  The first and most easily accessible method is through the internet. You can make use of search engines like Google to pull up any information it can with a specific phone number. This is quite possible because there are several occasions when we as individuals enter our personal details such as address, phone number, email address, etc, on sites when we order something or engage in a transaction of some sort.

The only drawback to this method is the amount of time you’ll spend trawling through the numerous virtual links that pull up for a given phone number.

The most efficient way to find a person by phone number is to make use of a good reverse lookup service. These are generally agencies that specialize in tracking individuals. They have access to massive databases that store such information. There are many such websites online that offer to find a person by phone number. Some purport to do it free of charge, but you soon find out that there’s always a point when money’s required to be paid. But the good news is that the best of these websites often agree to refund your money if they’re unable to mine enough information about the individual whose phone number you provide them with. For your information, the number you provide can be a fixed or landline number or a cellular phone number.

These websites often manage to provide you with basic details that include the person’s name, his/her past and present physical address, and other such details. While the search in on, you can also look up the status on some websites. The most advanced companies that find a person by phone number are also able to help you by checking to see if the individual has any criminal records.

Alternately, you could pay certain sites a membership charge and make use of their reverse lookup tool to check a limited or unlimited number of telephone numbers and trace it back to the individual.

This method of tracing a person through their number is even used in criminal investigations to gather enough information about both the victim as well as the perpetrator if he/she happens to steal the victim’s mobile phone and seems to be using it.

So, whether it’s crime or convenience, technology today makes it possible today for us to be able to locate a person on the basis of the number they use.