myths-reverse-lookupBecause reverse phone number lookups are so new, there are still many common misconceptions regarding their usage. Many people believe this type of service to be illegal to use because they think the search engines are an invasion of privacy. This is not the case, the search engines are completely legal, the information you are receiving is considered public record and accessible by anyone willing to do the research.

Another common misconception is that when you do a search on someone’s number, the owner of the number is notified that you have conducted a search. This is absolutely not true, do a search on your own number and find out. There is no notification process in place, your search is completely confidential and nobody knows about it but you.

Using the service does not violate a person’s human or civil rights, the information you are accessing is considered public information and is freely available for anyone willing to research it.

It is a common thought that a service like this would be extremely expensive to use. Again, this is not the case. There are many levels of services available at different prices varying from free and up, depending on how much information you want access too and in what volume.