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If It’s Public Record, It’s Fair Game For Reverse Phone Number Lookup Software!

During the last election, I volunteered in support of a proposition. I worked to help get the vote out. Basically, I spent a good majority of my time on the phone calling registered voters. I would discuss with them the facts about the proposition and encourage them to please vote. Sometimes these voters would get mad that I was calling. They would tell me to, “take them off the list.” Or, they would question me as to how I got their information. What they did not realize is that by registering to vote, they made their information public knowledge. Certain information is ok for the public to have access to. This is one reason you ...Continue Reading

Getting Personal Information With Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Today we hear a lot about identity theft. If you are naïve you probably assume that you haven’t shopped online recently or filled out any surveys that requested your information so your identity is probably safe. However, have you heard about the new technology called reverse phone look up? It is basically the opposite of a phone book. When you use the software or internet site, you simply enter a phone number and a person’s contact information is retrieved. When you enter in the phone number on these sites you could just could a name, however there is a chance you could get other information as well. Some services provide you with ...Continue Reading

Missed That Phone Call? Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tells You Who It’s From

If you are a busy person than you most likely cannot get to every phone call. There are people who call you during the day and you either miss their calls or screen them depending on the situation. Sometimes you do not recognize the number. Hopefully, these people leave messages. However, sometimes they do not. When this happens it can be somewhat frustrating. What if you missed an important phone call? Someone may have called you from a number you should have entered into your contacts but forgot to because you were preoccupied. Instead of wasting time going through your phone bill, records, or searching emails to see if the number ma ...Continue Reading

It Is Ethical? Reverse Phone Number Lookup Software And Privacy Considerations

There are several online information services providing reverse phone number lookup. One example is Google Phonebook. This service allows you to look up someone based on their phone number, and the results page gives the address of the person along with links to yahoo maps and Mapquest with directions to the person’s home. Google does provide a way to remove oneself from the Google phonebook. They also mention that removal from the Google phonebook does not remove one’s personal information from the many reverse phone number lookup resources online. Some are not bothered by this feature. Many would argue that their information is availabl ...Continue Reading

Is Reverse Phone Number Lookup Software An Invasion Of Privacy?

In recent years several services have become available online for locating people using a reverse phone lookup. This includes business lines, home phones and cell phones. A question naturally arises: Is this an invasion of privacy? The traditional way to find someone is to call information. Up until a few years ago, remaining anonymous was an option. Now, all one needs to do to find an unlisted person is pay a fee to use a service to find them searching multiple databases online. Anyone is now capable of playing detective. With the many comprehensive search services available, one can find a person’s current as well as previous home address ...Continue Reading

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

A reverse phone number lookup is a popular way to find the number of a person but that’s not all it can uncover. Along with the phone number, you can also discover a lot of other information that they may not want you to find out. Any information which is available in public records or government documents can be pulled up in an instant. This includes private information such as birth certificates, marital status, home address, phone number location and household members. It may be surprising that someone can get hold of this information from a reverse phone number lookup but it’s completely legal, although without software, gathe ...Continue Reading

Using Reverse Phone Number Lookup Software To Find Out What You Need To Know

If you even seen “Cheaters,” you know Joey and his crew will always do what they can to find out information about a cheating lover. They will use anything, including spying on phone calls. However, what they will not tell you is who owns the phone that is speaking to your lover. You can still find that information out, including if they use the same service provider as you, using reverse phone number dialing. You do not have to use this service just to find out if your lover is seeing others; you can use this for normal everyday stuff. If you miss a phone call and it was important; you can use the service to find out if it was a joke or ...Continue Reading

Public Records And Reverse Phone Number Lookup Software

Privacy is a big issue nowadays, with a large part due to the Internet. A lot of information that you used to hold sacred can be released online with the press of a button or the hacking of a database. Not everything is going to be safe anymore. Cell phones, like every other piece of technology, contain a lot of data that can be (and has been) hacked by some persons. Unlike most information that we believe is “personal,” cell phone numbers are protected by privacy laws that present their release to the general public (or public domain). Landline phone numbers and street addresses fall into the public information, hence the main reason why ...Continue Reading

Hiding Your Information From Reverse Phone Number Lookup Software: Is It Possible?

With the advent of reverse phone number lookup, there is going to be a lot of people that will try and get your information. Some of them will use this to figure out who to prank next or someone will want to take everything and try to assume your identity. Unlike phone numbers connected to land lines, cell phone numbers are considered private data and cannot be released publicly. However, once the information is indeed leaked online (which it has), it will be very hard to get folks to erase it. For example, the writer of this post decided to check out his number online; the cell number was listed, but only en mass with a ton of other numbers. ...Continue Reading

Detectives Often Use Reverse Phone Number Lookup To Find People

Generally, if you want to hire a detective, you want a man that will have many tools of the trade to investigate for you. No matter if it is the low-tech as surveillance or going high-tech as key-logging, the detective will use anything and everything to get what you want. This includes reverse phone number lookup; he can trace the owner of the phone and obtain other private information. If you try it on your own, you will not get as far as you would like. Cell phone numbers are considered very private information, so they are not released into the public domain (unlike landline phone numbers). This is why most telemarketers have a hard time ...Continue Reading

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