reverse-cell-phone-lookupMany people with the intent of being a nuisance or a danger will choose the cell phone over the landline because they have already determined that the land line number is too easy to trace. They assume cell phones on the other hand were not easily traceable.

Cell phones are not part of the directory system, so not really part of the public information system. Telemarketing companies had their boiler room staff using cell phones to make their obnoxious and often times illegal calls because they believed themselves to be impervious to detection and therefore free to do whatever they wanted.

Their free reign has come to an end with the emergence of many paid phone number look up services that allow you to access the cell phone records and additionally return all sorts of information on the owner of the phone. This information usually includes not only the owner’s name and current address, but also addresses and phone numbers connected with this owner.

With these new services, prank callers, telemarketers and people that have less than above board intentions are no longer immune and are becoming less and less likely to continue with business as usual, for fear of being caught and possibly prosecuted.