reverse-phone-number-directoriesIt really depends on what information you want to glean out of them. If you’re just looking for an address related to a phone number and really don’t care if you find it or not, then it might not be worth it to you to search anything but the free sites.

If you have a specific reason or set of reasons to want the information and you really need it, or if you want constant access to the ability to look up numbers so you can aggressively go after nuisance callers such as pranks, hang ups and telemarketers, you may be a good candidate for signing up to the pay sites that give you either limited access or full access depending on the membership you choose. Your desired usage is going to be the determining factor as to whether or not the directories are worth your time or your money.

All reverse phone number search engines are not the same, some are much more current and detailed than others, so while a less expensive one might not be worth it to you, a more expensive search engine might have just the options and benefits you require. Do your research before handing out your money and you should find them well worth it.