unwanted-callsThere are unwanted calls (from your mother in law, etc.) and then there are unwanted calls, (from telemarketers, etc.). The mother in law calls you can look at the caller ID and tactfully ignore, but the calls that are from unrecognized numbers are a bit different.

It seems none of us can escape unwanted unsolicited calls these days, not even on our cell phones where we have to pay for the pleasure of receiving these calls. There is a list called the ‘do not call list’ but that doesn’t help all that much it seems. Letting it ring until it goes to voice mail is an annoyance too. So what can you do to relieve yourself of these unwanted bothersome and sometimes expensive calls?

There are complaint sites set up specifically for people to post numbers and what the complaint is. With these sites you can research the numbers and find out if they have a history of nuisance calls. You can post your complaints and use these sites as a possible way to locate the caller so that you can at least request that they take you off their list and inform them that you are on the ‘no call list’. You can also use the reverse phone call look up services readily available on the web. With this you have the chance of locating the offending party and require them to take you off their call list.