telemarketers-reverse-lookupThere are services that will perform the task of getting your name off of telemarketer’s lists and getting you onto the ‘no call list’. But they can be quite costly and you may be able to perform those tasks yourself.

The first thing you will need to do is resist the urge to enter contests, you aren’t likely to win anything except a whole lot of annoying phone calls from telemarketers bent on selling you something. Don’t fill out questionnaires online or anything else that asks for your phone number. Next, get yourself onto the ‘no call list’. Look it up on the internet, you can add yourself and use that as ammunition against the telemarketers. Next, you’ll want to get yourself connected to a reverse phone number look up service. Sometimes the free ones will do, but other times the paid ones are better, especially the ones that will give you all phone numbers connected with the current phone number you listed.

You can then call their other numbers and inform them if they continue to call you, you will turn them in for calling on the no call list. You can also send them a registered letter. That will get their attention very well.